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Tunes from Little Flock Tunebook, Coniston, Denton, Eilden, Foyle, Marston, Morning Star, Peel Castle, Silla, Speak to Me, Lord, Valencia, Come unto Me, Deramore, Eventide, Mercedem, St. Agnes (Hoyland), Speranza, Moment by Moment, Spes Mea in Deo, The Shadow of His Wings, A Little While, Abide With Me, Alvesta, Autumn, Aziel, Ballyclare, Belfast, Beverley, Bexley, Birmingham, Ellers, Ernan, Glenartney, He Loved Me, Heavenly Garden (Litany), Hold Thou My Hand, In Hope, Laus Patri, Unknown, Trimley, DactylicLove's Appeal, Slane,, The Blessd Rest,'s Goodnight,, Love's Return, Vater Der Herrlichkeit, Erica,, Barton, Dartry, Radlett, Brackley, Ablington, Lamorna, Lux Benigna, Chorus Me Nearer,, Anticipation, Eternal Love, German Tunes (1952) No.219, German Tunes (1952) No.222, Only a Touch, Berlin, Even So, Heavenly Glory, O Perfect Love, Rhys, DactylicAvoca, Elaine, Framlingham, I Am Praying For You, Salvator, Vida Immortal, Zacher, Boyle Street, O Quanta Qualia, Doranne, Epiphany Hymn, Predestination, Skelton, Springfield, Stachys,, Pilgrims,, Hiding in Thee, Bury Thy Sorrow, Bow Street, Longstaff, St. Denio, To God Be the Glory, TrochaicAnticipation, Brooksby, Norfolk Park, Rachie, Salva Festa Dies, Lyndhurst, Elim, Hermas, Look Away To Jesus, The Coming King, is Well, The Way of Peace,, Parclete, Watching and Waiting,, Eli, Gloria, Happy Song, Marion, Tence, Totteridge, Detroit, Nicea, Raemond, Trinity,, Dalmeny, Ootha, Star of Bethlehem, Ingleside, St. Sylvester,, Grenville, Victory, Exaltation, Jesus Come, Sidcup,, Revelation, El Elyon, Omnipotent, Prenton, Splendor, Summit, Willoughby,, Theodora,, Inscrutable, Hope, Nain, Park Street,, All in All, Come, Culzean, Linnwood, Oakleigh, Tempestas, Lathbury, Light After Darkness, Path Divine (Camacha), Abercorn, Builth, Cromer, Eternity, Frankincense, Haverstock Hill, Tryst, Bethany, Lowry, St. Edmund, Summer Land,, Ashcombe, Waiting Time, Shannon,, Light, Paignton, Olivet,, Abbott's Wood, Belmont, Clarendon, Jehovah Tsidkenu,, Subjection, Invitation, Nun Danket, The Blessed Home, of Life, Bath-Barah, Clifton Hampten, Gopsal, Jubilee, Maze Hill, St. John, Torquay, Triumph, Fairford, Mighty One, Darwall's 148th, Samuel, The Gospel of Thy Grace, Exeter, Christchurch, Millenium, Safe Home,, Verbum Pacis (Lomas), Verbum Pacis (Monk), Winter Solstice, Easton,, Priory,, Drumduan, Sovereignty, St. Ives,, Elberfield, Fountain Street, Kocher, Teingmouth, Weber, West View, Pastor, Remembrance, St. Alphege, St. Philip,, Angel's Story, Blairgowrie, Chebar, Colwyn, Gerizim, German Tunes (1952) No.37, German Tunes (1952) No.38, German Tunes (1952) No.41, Jedidja, Kelvin, Refulgence, Rotterdam, Whetstone, Aurelia, Friend Unfailing, Greenland, Holmbridge, Confidence, Cruger, Dublin, Eaton Square, Ewing, Farewell, Lancashire, Petition, St. Christopher, St. Denis, The Cross of Jesus, The Glory Shines, German Tunes (1952) No. 41, Ajeleth-Shahar, Alford, Day of Rest, Dresden, Ellacombe, Eltham, Lorraine, Missionary, Morning Light, Rest and Home, Robe of Righteousness, St. Theodulph, Swansea, Passion Chorale,, Missionary Prayer, St. Anatolius,, John, Kenaz, Praise, Brandenburg, Buckland, Hart's, Theodora, Innocents, Monkland, Mozart, St. Bees, Tunes (1952) No.46, Mourne, Rock of Ages, Redhead No. 76,, Cheshunt, Wells, of Sorrows, Timberscombe,, Bishopgarth, Cyprus,, Southgate, All Is Well, O How He Loves,, Berea, Clementswood, Derwent, Wyken, Bredbury, Bullinger, Cairnbrook, Come Thou Weary, Stephanos, Victor, Hill, Filey, Lynton, Unbounded Love,, The Pleading Voice, Winchester, The Bride, Hallelujah, My Father Knoweth,, Dayspring, Holy Cross, Rothley, Wreford, St. Cuthbert,, Substitution,, Barnet, Celebration, Extolment, Featherstone, Monica, Then Shall My Heart Keep Singing, Baden, Waltham, Palmyra, Supremacy,, O Solemn Hour!, Crucifixion, Saviour's Praise, Blessing, Blackwood, Entreaty, Maschil, Norfolk, Oxford, Rapture, Resurrection, Riposo, Rivermede, Saffron Walden, St. Catherine, Winifred, Newton Ferns, Oxford, Placida, Redhead No. 46, Rhineland, Romanza, Berechiah, Brightness, Crimea Street, Cross of Jesus, Hallsberg, Hananiah, Love Divine, Marching, Sharon, Sicilian Mariners, Springfield, Ellerton (Craster), Exultation, German Evening Hymn, Gotha, Alba, All For Jesus, Alma, Beaumaris, Stuttgart, Shades of Evening, Thou Art Worthy, Warren Vale, DactylicMeredith, Springing Well, Living Spring, Oslo, Dactylic Chorus of Sinners, Taanach, Jevington, Showers of Blessing, IambicCovenant, Edinor, My Willing People, Brisbane, Dominus Regit Me, IambicMaryfield, Callum,, Caersalem, Concordia, Lavrock, Modena, Monifieth, Kensington New, Mannheim, Olivers, Triumph, Unser Herrscher, CWM Rhondda, Praise My Soul, Regent Square,, Firstborn, Jura, Keturah, Jera, Lord of Glory, All Saints, Evening Prayer,, Luther,, Eucharistica, Father, Now in Adoration, Footprints, Gwilym, In Memoriam, Jewish Melody, Only Waiting, Quartus, Reapers, Friendship, Kenelgin, Northampton, Room for Jesus, Bethany, Blaenwern, Austria, Benediction, Call Them In, Converse, Deerhurst, Downham, Hyfrydol, In The Secret Of His Presence, Jesus' Call, Jesus Only, Love Divine, Lux Eoi, Tell Me the Story, Waiting for the Morning, IambicThe Hebrew Bondman, Aldwyn,, Crummock, O the Love!, Tiphsah, Wonderous Story, Seeds of Kindness, Source of Blessing,, Edinburgh, Eirene, There is Rest,, Swiss Tune,, Portnockie, Dartford, Eternal Praise, Hull, Pembroke, Praise, Ravendale, Reuben,, Gihon, Granville, In the Midst,, Misericordia, Saffron Walden, Ilsley, Just As I Am, Just As I Am,, Confianza, David, Semper Fidelis,, Brunton Street, Joyful Sound,, Dorea, Farne, Rozel, Springing Fountain, Gift Unspeakable, St. Margaret,, German Tunes (1952) No.148, Nymphe, Our Leader, Ruth, Valete, Melita, Adoration, Bowmanville, Creation, Euphony, Gardenstown, Quemerford, Rest, St. Matthias, Stella,, Annabelle, Beechknowe, Camlet, Derry, Ercuis, Eternal, Immortal, Kingsthorpe, Omega, Peace Eternal, Rejoicing, Response, Shamgar, Spanish Air, Tola, Praise and Glory, Rachel, St. Sulien,, Mansewood, Park Langley, Russian Air, Stuartholme, Petrograd, Willenhall,, Scotstoun, Thomas, Almost Persuaded, Collingwood,, Elland,
C.M.All Hail!, Ardingley, Aser, Auckland (Rest), Belgrave, Bishopthorpe, Ephesus, Jerusalem, Plumstead, Quo Vadis, Regina, St. Alban, Supreme, Arlington, Arnold, Ballerma, Oldham Street (Trinity), Orlington, Remember Me, The Cross, Tiverton, Tottenham, Abridge, Acton, Barrow, Beatitudo, Bedford, Belmont, Day Dawn, Dublin, Dungermline, Eagley, Eastgate, Evan, Farrant, Home, French, Horsley, Ignatius, Irish, Jackson's, Jubilant, Kilmarnock, Leichester, Rest, Richmond, Royal Fort, St. Agnes (Durham), Warwick, Worship, Wiltshire, German Tunes (1952) No.65, Gerontius, Glasgow, Golden Key, Lloyd, Lydia, Martyrdom, Merton, Miles' Lane, Morning Light, Name of Jesus, Nativity, Newcastle, Norge, Northrop, Nottingham, St. Andrew, St. Anne, St. Bernard, St. Columbia, St. Fulbert, St. Leonard, St. Paul, St. Peter, St. Saviour, St. Stephen, Salzburg, Sawley, Sheffield, Southwell, Spohr, Stracathro,
C.M.D.Bodewan, Broadmead, Cana, Flowing Stream, I Came a Wanderer, Lux Mundi, Mary, None But Christ Can Satisfy!, St. Matthew, The Home, Vox Dilecti,
L.M.Arizona, Bangor, Beth-Aven, Chasid, Eastbourne, Ecce Homo, German Tunes (1952) No. 135, German Tunes (1952) No. 143, Harbour Head, Lasus, Llef, Meira, Retreat, Silver Hill, Trenwood, Alfriston, Alstone, Angelus, Brookfield, Carey's, Deep Harmony, Duke Street, Eden, Gethsemene, Heimath, Holley, Pentecost, Rimington, Rockingham, St. Clement, Harbour Head, Homage, Keble, Luther's Chant, Mainzer, Worship, Maryton, Melcomb, Old One Hundredth, Ombersley, Abends, Adoration, Tallis's Canon, Thou Remainest, Walton, Wareham, Warrington, Whitburn, Winchester New,
L.M.D.Julian, Philologus, Hayes, Saved By Grace,
S.M.Cissbury, Hadley, Jedutun, Little Langdale, Patience, Serenity, St. Paul's, Upward, Swabia, Trentham, Venice, Huddersfield, Leipzig, Moreland, Morington's Chant, Mudstone, Mullaghmore, My Beloved, Repose, St. Michael, Silchester, Solyma, Summerfield, Victory, Zurich, Austin, Bexhill, Cambridge, Carlisle, Crotch's Chant, Franconia, Grace, Rhodes, Ripon, Robinson's Chant, St. George,
S.M.D.Damascus, Revival, Woldingham, Diademata,

"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."